Release can be understood as the opposite of adhesion. “Release agents are substances that control or eliminate the adhesion between two surfaces.”

VITO's atmospheric plasma technology allows to deposit nano-scale release coatings with excellent properties without the use of solvents.

Manufacturers and processors use release coatings and liners in a wide variety of general handling operations such as calendaring, casting, embossing, extrusion, laminating, packaging and labeling. Pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes, transfer films and label release are the most important applications.

VITO's atmopheric plasma can be the perfect alternative for currently used industrial deposition techniques for release coatings such as:

  • solvent based coating deposition,
  • low pressure plasma-assisted chemical vapour deposition,
  • gas fluorination,
  • powder coating,
  • ...

Most of these techniques show non-negligible drawbacks, such as cost, or safety and environmental concerns (use of solvents, gas fluorination). Atmospheric plasma technology can offer an alternative solution for specific surface modification of a given substrate.