Reduced Friction

VITO's atmospheric plasma team has realized very good and interesting results with its developed low friction coatings (see realization at end of this page.) The coatings have a low friction, very good adhesion and are flexible.

The use of atmospheric pressure plasma technology for deposition of tribological coatings is not straightforward and is in fact a totally new approach. The atmospheric plasma coatings, which are in the nanometer range and polymer-like, can be an ideal solution in applications where coating durability is not a key factor, such as:

  • Elastomer applications: e.g. “rattle & squeak” problems in automotive
  • Low lifetime situations: e.g. sacrificial layers
  • Low load bearing applications: e.g. microtribology

Due to the nature of the technology, the coatings are rather soft and polymer-like. However, they are well adhered and form an ideal solution for applications where an adequate performance needs to be combined with cost-effective and flexible production.


Reduced Friction
Reduced Friction