VITO's Atmospheric Plasma Team realised to incorporate and immobilize biomolecules in an atmospheric plasma coating while retaining bio-activity.

This entirely new, one-step process for the immobilisation of proteins/enzymes or other biomolecules of interest is applicable on a large scale and to surfaces of any kind. The newly developed technology offers several advantages over the classical immobilisation techniques including a better reproducibility, high flexibility, broad applicability, straightforward processing and thus potentially high throughput rates at a relatively low cost.

At this stage, the working principle of the technology is proven and partners are sought for further R&D on product development.

Applications that are most feasible, thus with the shortest time-to-market (1 to 2 years) include:

  • Wound dressings with enhanced healing properties
  • Biosensors
  • Biocatalysts
  • Anti-microbial materials

Other potential applications which require more additional developments include ‘labs-on-a-chip’, bio-mimetic surgical implants, 2D scaffolds for growing functional tissues, surfaces for directing mineralization or controlled drug release, biosensors for pollutant detection, diagnostics, or toxicity testing, ‘intelligent’ textiles transmitting biological signals to a processor...

Because the amount of biomolecules that can be used in this process is almost inexhaustible and many applications can be thought of, further optimisation of the technology proceeds preferably in cooperation with interested (industrial) parties.