"Our mission is to optimize our customer's products with tailored, controlled and sustainable surface treatments."

VITO's Atmospheric Plasma Team offers complete solutions for sustainable and solvent-free surface treatment. We focus on atmospheric plasma process development for numerous applications. Together with our industrial partners, we are able to implement atmospheric plasma equipment at your industrial production lines.

We perform high quality R&D in order to find the optimum solution for your application. Creative, open-minded and if needed in collaboration with complementary research partners, we provide intelligent and qualitative solutions.

VITO Plasma Technology

Main advantages

  • eliminate use of wet chemical surface activation (priming)
  • improved performanced compared to corona, flame or UV-ozon treatment
  • easy integration of plasma systems in existing production lines
  • reduced maintenance and waste
  • combine successive treatments into a single step process
  • high processing flexibility: same plasma equipment supports a wide variety of applications
  • treatment of a wide variety of materials and components, independent of their composition or geometry

But we go even further and continuously explore new domains at the cutting edge of plasma research. Strategic research focusses on powder treatment